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Why Choose Envirowall

Six Terrific Reasons to Use Envirowall for Your Office Partitioning

1. Fast Installation. Envirowall is a one-step installation process. Since panels are prefinished, there is no taping and sanding drywall joints or priming, painting and/or applying wall covering. Projects can be completed in one-third the time
required for drywall projects.

2. Cost Effective. Envirowall prefinished panels eliminate the extra costs associated with conventional drywall finishing of field applied wall covering.

3. Re-Usable. Envirowall partitions are demountable. Future renovations will see a high reusability factor for Envirowall panels.

4. Less Disruption. The quick and clean installation associated with Envirowall partitions makes it less obtrusive and disruptive for any future renovations.

5. Trade Shortages. The economy sometimes results in shortages of drywall tapers, board men, and painters. Envirowall partitions require only one trade to install. Your project will be completed faster and on time.

6. Environmentally Friendly. Envirowall panels are reusable and manufactured from recycled products making them a more responsible environmental choice than using drywall and paint.