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Prefinished Gypsum Panels

Envirowall pre-finished panels are available from a wide range of stock colours and patterns.  Envirowall also offers lamination of custom finishes allowing the design community an almost unlimited range of choices. Envirowall pre-finished panels are ideally suited for use in office partitions, finishing residential basements, temporary hoarding, commercial modular construction and factory-built housing.

The four foot wide square edge pre-finished panels are available in ½” standard core and ½” or ?” Type X thicknesses, with lengths from 8’ to 12’. When pre-finished panels are used to construct office partitions, they offer numerous advantages over fixed drywall, namely:

  • Install in 1/3 the time of conventional drywall.
  • The dust and debris associated with drywall is virtually eliminated.
  • Pre-finished panels and trim are re-usable.

To construct office partitions, pre-finished gypsum panels are typically attached to both sides of generic 2 ½” metal studs using edge clips. Panel erection is done in a “progressive” fashion which also provides easy dismantling should any future retrofit be desired. The use of a variety of pre-finished trims completes the installation. It is a simple, flexible and cost effective system to build. Variations of partition layouts include bank rail, workstation, low rise, full height and/or glazed sections. 

Envirowall also offers many of it's patterns in matching field applied fabrics. This allows the designer to specify field applied fabric on columns or drywall partitions that match the demountables on the project.