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Enviromental Responsibility & Sustainability


  • The re-usability of the Envirowall system promotes environmental responsibility.
  • Steel components contain up to 80% recycled content.
  • Although Envirowall pre-finished gypsum panels contain a high recycled content, panels can be specified with synthetic gypsum board as the substrate. This takes the recycled content of the panels to over 90%.
  • Envirowall aluminum and steel components can be separated for end of life recycling. The value of aluminum as a recyclable keeps it diverted from landfill. Unlike many other products, aluminum can be recycled over and over again and only takes 1/20th the energy required to produce it.
  • Envirowall partitions reduce drywall construction and demolition waste that ends up shipped to landfill.
  • Onsite construction dust, noxious fumes and noise pollution associated with standard drywall construction is virtually eliminated when using Envirowall’s demountable system.
  • Improved indoor air quality due to lack of drywall dust and paint fumes (both during initial construction and any future retro-fit).
  • Envirowall pre-finished panels offer superior life cycle performance with minimal maintenance when compared to painted drywall surfaces. Specifying durable products that perform well throughout their service life and last longer than paint is part of a sustainability strategy. When our panels remain on the wall for an extended period of time, less energy is used, fewer raw materials are consumed and less waste is generated. Specifying Envirowall pre-finished panels yields both reduced environmental impact and life cycle costs.
  • The Envirowall aluminum door frame and glazing system can be used to construct full height glazing sidelites and clerestory to allow natural light into occupied spaces.
  • Many of the above benefits support LEED™ initiatives and the potential for obtaining points in the rating system.